Samantha E. Rushton, MS LMFT


Andre Gide- “One does not discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time.”


Life is a barrel of monkeys...
I believe that we all have emotional experiences everyday that shape who we are, what we believe about ourselves, and how we relate to others. Too many negative and damaging experiences can lead us to a distorted view of our capabilities and leave us feeling discouraged, overwhelmed, and worthless. 

Though harmful emotional experiences in our life may feed unhealthy thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, there is good news!! Healing happens through emotional experiences as well.  In counseling I provide a warm, caring, and safe environment to honestly self-reflect, learn life skills and healthier thinking patterns, and create opportunities for positive, healthy emotional experiences. We all have power to choose our experience no matter what circumstances we face. Through the therapeutic process you can discover your inherent worth and invite the best version of yourself to emerge.